Open Position Suspended Chords

  1. Open position suspended chords


These are the open position Suspended Chords. In music a Suspended Chord is a chord that has a Root and a Perfect fifth but the third is replaced with either a major second to create a Sus2 chord or a perfect forth to create a Sus4 chord. As suspended chords do not contain a third they are neither major or minor because it is the third that gives a chord it’s major or minor sound. The other effect of removing the third is that it give a chord a feeling of tension and so suspended chords need to resolve to another chord containing a third. Below is a table of the of the chords above with notes that make them.

Sus2 Chord Root Major Second Perfect Fifth
Asus2 A B E
Dsus2 D E A
Fsus2 F G C
Sus4 Chord Root Perfect Forth Perfect Fifth
Asus4 A D E
Csus4 C F G
Dsus4 D G A
Esus4 E A B
Fsus4 F B♭ C
Gsus4 G C D
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